What Is MINI Find Mate?

The MINI Find Mate is an exclusive accessory available for MINI owners, capable of tracking keys, bags, or whatever you like! This smart device pairs to your phone or mobile device with Bluetooth, and notifies you when your item gets separated.

There are few things more annoying than looking for a lost pair of keys, or misplacing your bag. Fortunately with MINI Find Mate, tracking down lost items is a breeze! The MINI Find Mate works with the MINI Connected app, making a secure connection with your Bluetooth-equipped phone or mobile device and the Find Mate. By attaching the MINI Find Mate to your belongings, the app will alert you with an audible tone or notification once you step a certain distance away. Thanks to MINI Find Mate you'll never leave your belongings behind again!

How to Use the MINI Find Mate

  1. Download the MINI Connected App:
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  2. On your MINI Connected app, press Settings > Find Mate. Leave the app open for now.
  3. Remove your MINI Find Mate from its leather pouch, and locate the battery cover.
  4. Using a small coin, turn the battery cover counterclockwise to open. Remove the battery and its plastic cover, then re-install both. A sound will play to confirm it is powered.
  5. On your MINI Connected app, press the "+" button at the top right, then press the button on your MINI Find Mate.
  6. You will now be prompted to name your MINI Find Mate, and assign it an icon for reference. Your MINI Find Mate is now set up, and can be attached to any item you like.

Get Your Own MINI Find Mate

The MINI Find Mate accessory is a valuable tool to keep track of your most treasured belongings. By working with your mobile device and the MINI Connected app, the MINI Find Mate ensures your items never get lost or left behind. For more information about the MINI Find Mate accessory or how to purchase one, give us a call at (936) 344-1258 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. While you're here, be sure to explore some other exclusive MINI features, and visit our Parts Center to purchase a MINI Find Mate today!

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