What Are MINI Voice Commands?

MINI Voice Commands are simply the best way to interact with your MINI car or SAV, all hands-free. By using a smart voice-activated system, your MINI can perform a wide range of tasks, including navigation and hands-free calling. With MINI Voice Commands you can have your MINI do the hard work for you, making for a more pleasant, and ultimately safer drive.

Voice-activated devices are some of the most popular pieces of technology on the market. From digital phone assistants to smart home devices, the technology has advanced quickly. Now while many cars have implemented hands-free calling, few offer the level of integration that comes with MINI Voice Commands. In addition to hands-free calling, MINI Voice Commands allow you to request GPS directions, change songs or radio stations, and even access menus within the system. With MINI Voice Commands you can also check your tire pressure and oil level, even while driving!

How to Use MINI Voice Commands

  1. While driving or parked, press the Voice Command button on your steering wheel. For reference, it will be directly above the phone button.
  2. Wait for an audible tone, indicating the system is listening. If you do not hear a tone, press down the button again. You may also see a voice command icon on your navigation display.
  3. Speak clearly with a command. You can request directions, call from your phonebook, and even access menus like Radio and Lighting Settings. You can also say "help" to get a menu of suggested commands.
  4. To cancel a voice command simply press the Voice Command button once again and the system will stop listening.

New MINI Vehicles With Voice Commands

When it comes to hands-free and voice-activated car technology, there is no better choice than the MINI Voice Command system. With such a wide variety of available commands and features, MINI Voice Commands let you do just about everything hands-free, apart from driving that is! For 2022, the MINI Voice Command feature is available on all new MINI cars and MINI SAVs equipped with the 8.8-inch navigation system. For more information about MINI Voice Commands, or any other MINI feature, call us anytime at (936) 344-1258 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. Be sure to also browse our inventory of brand-new MINI cars and SAVs for sale in Conroe.

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